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Here are the health benefits of eyebright powder ¹ ²:

– Reduces eye inflammation: Eyebright tea can be used as a cool eye compress to treat ophthalmia, blepharitis, stye, and other eye irritations.
– Treats conjunctivitis and cataracts: Eyebright eye drops can help treat conjunctivitis and cataracts.
– Relieves cold, sinusitis, and seasonal allergies: The herb’s natural astringent-tannins and anticatarrhal properties may help minimize mucus secretion during colds and flu.
– Treats other upper respiratory tract conditions: Eyebright can help treat upper respiratory tract conditions such as the common cold, hay fever, sore throats, and hoarseness.
– Reduces acne and skin irritation: Antibacterial and astringent characteristics of eyebright aid in the healing of acne and irritated skin.
– Promotes skin wound healing: The plant is used as an astringent to help in the healing of skin wounds.
– Protects the liver: The presence of aucubin in this plant aids in the reversal of liver damage and curing jaundice.
– Improves memory: Beta-carotene is abundant in the eyebright, and researchers found that men (65 years and older) who took beta-carotene supplements for 18 years showed improvements on verbal memory tests than the placebo group.

Eyebright is a small, flowering herb that is native to the heaths and dry meadows of Europe. The scientific name for this herb is Euphrasia officinalis. It has been traditionally used to manage eye infections, alleviate cold symptoms, and reduce inflammation. It has also been used to help with allergy symptoms.

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