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Stinging nettle leaf powder has several health benefits, including ¹ ²:

– Detoxifying the body: Stinging nettle is an ideal detoxifier for the body due to its wide range of beneficial nutrients. It gently cleanses the body of toxins and ensures that the digestive processes run smoothly.
– Promoting feminine health: Stinging nettle has several active components that affect feminine health. It relieves cramping and bloating, and minimizes blood flow during menstruation due to its astringent capabilities.
– Preventing kidney stones: Stinging nettle has long been known as a diuretic and has been therapeutically used for urinary ailments and kidney stones. It prevents calcium and oxalate deposition and crystal growth in the body.
– Possibly anti-inflammatory: Stinging nettle is a potentially stimulant and rubefacient substance, making it effective against various inflammatory conditions. It has been used in home remedies in medieval Europe for joint pain, eczema, arthritis, and gout.
– Easing respiratory issues: Stinging nettle has also been connected to the complementary treatment of a variety of respiratory conditions, including hay fever, asthma, and other seasonal allergies.
– Lowering blood pressure: Research has revealed that regular consumption of stinging nettle tea can help lower systolic blood pressure and relieve tension and stress on the cardiovascular system.

Stinging nettle is generally considered safe when used as directed, but it is important to be careful while handling nettle leaves as they can cause hives or a rash. Common side effects include diarrhea and sweating. Because of its diuretic effect, people with kidney and bladder problems should exercise caution while using the herb.

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