Red Dragon Blood Sage Bundle Stick



The Dragon’s Blood Sage Smudge Stick has a powerful blend of scents of Dragon’s Blood Resin and Sage. This combination¬†cultivates an aura of protection and love, amplifies healing and manifestation, and wards off evil and negative influences. It purifies the air and brings mental and spiritual clarity.

  • Dragon’s blood has a proven healing effect on wounds, is anti-microbial and forms a protective layer over skin, helping keep germs away.
  • Dragon’s blood is anti-inflammatory and pro-collagen, making it a sought-after skincare ingredient.
  • Dragon’s blood is known as antioxidant thanks to its natural flavonoids.
  • Red Sage is used to cleanse, heal, & remove negative energy. It energizes spiritual & magical work, provides protection & good fortune, & enhances health, virility, & power


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