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Here are some health benefits of bitter leaf ¹ ²:

– Helps to clear fever: Bitter leaves are a powerful medicinal herb in many parts of the world. They are rich in quinine and contain flavonoids that have potent antioxidants.
– Helps with sleep problems and can cure insomnia: Bitter leaf has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for insomnia. It contains potent compounds that can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality and promote relaxation.
– Lowers high blood pressure: Bitter leaves have been utilized for centuries to ensure balanced blood sugar and blood pressure levels. The bitterness of these leaves is thought to be the source of their power, as it assists in regulating insulin production and controlling hypertension.
– Treats stomach upset: Bitter leaf is a herb used for centuries to treat various ailments, including stomach aches. It is packed with compounds that help alleviate inflammation and pain and support a healthy digestive system.
– Good for the bones & teeth: Vitamin C is an essential mineral that is vital to the human body. This powerful antioxidant can be found in bitter leaves and helps to prevent deficiencies associated with this critical nutrient.

Bitter leaf is an excellent vegetable with a line of health benefits. It also contributes to a particularly healthy lifestyle and human outlook.

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