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It’s an old tradition from Chad, Africa and is used to reduce breakage and shedding.” Chadian women use chebe powder “once or twice a week and leave it for a minimum of one to two hours and longer, if possible,”. chebe powder Helps hair retain lengths, Locks in moisture, Reduces breakage, Mildly exfoliates the scalp, Keeps hair color vibrant, As a leave-in, As a hair mask  and As a scrub.Here are some of the health benefits of chebe powder ¹ ² ³:

– Moisturizes: Chebe powder is a natural moisturizer that helps to lock in moisture in the hair.
– Reduces breakage: Chebe powder helps to reduce breakage by filling in the spaces on the hair shaft and sealing down the cuticle.
– Promotes hair growth: Chebe powder can help to promote hair growth by keeping the hair healthy and strong.
– Conditions: Chebe powder is a natural conditioner that helps to keep the hair moisturized and lubricated.
– Protects: Chebe powder helps to protect the hair from damage and breakage.
– Improves texture: Chebe powder can help to improve the texture of the hair by making it softer and more manageable.
– Helps retain length: Chebe powder can help to retain the length of the hair by reducing breakage and promoting hair growth.

Overall, chebe powder is a natural and effective way to promote healthy hair growth, reduce breakage, and improve the overall texture and appearance of the hair.

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